COVID19 Office Updates


Office Hours

Our office hours have not changed. However, some of our staff are staying home during this time. If you need to pick up supplements, please call the office before arriving to make sure someone is available to help you. 

Office Visits & Telemedicine

Depending on your needs, telemedicine may be the preferred way to conduct your doctor's appointment during this time. Telemedicine requires access to internet and a computer / tablet / phone with a camera so the doctor can see and hear you throughout the visit. You can do this from the safety of your home, per Washington's Stay Healthy: stay-at-home order.

Office Visits

In order to keep our staff safe, we are screening patients during reminder calls for symptoms related to COVID19, including cough, fever, and exposure to someone who tested positive. If any of these are positive, we will ask you to stay home and conduct your visit via telemedicine, or phone if you do not have access to a device capable of telemedicine. 

It is still important to properly manage these symptoms, even if you are not coming into the office. If you have any of these, we can still offer help to you and immune support to anyone you may be around. 

Telemedicine & Insurance Coverage

Telemedicine is not always covered by insurance, but during this time, most insurances have made exceptions and are covering these services, like they would an office visit. Please call your insurance and ask if telemedicine is covered on your plan with the doctors at Positive Touch Medicine. 

Office Procedures

In order to keep our patients and staff healthy, we are using hydrogen peroxide 1.4% wipes to clean all surfaces before and after every patient that comes in and out. As always, medical equipment is also wiped down after each use. 

What we are doing to help you through this time

Our Facebook page, , is being updated regularly with ideas on things for you to do to help get through this difficult time.